Building Dreams Initiative

Poverty emerges as a substantial obstacle, posing impediments to Nigeria’s economic advancement today, as well as the broader spectrum of developing nations. Recognizing the profound impact of human resource capabilities on a country’s growth trajectory, the imperative of initiating foundational efforts such as economic skill training has gained paramount significance for the Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation. This commitment is directed towards propelling Nigeria and Africa towards the forefront of global socio-economic progress.

The Building Dreams Academy stands as an educational institution specializing in vocational skill training, operating under the auspices of the Ultimate Tenderhelp Foundation. Within this academy, a comprehensive semester-based internship program unfolds, offering expertise in 10 distinct fields. The academy boasts comprehensive infrastructure, accomplished educators, and avenues for grants tailored to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

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Expanding the scope of the Academy, the Building Dreams Empowerment Centre takes shape as a community-oriented, one-day skill training initiative conducted in select locales, designed specifically for disadvantaged women and children. The overarching objective is to alleviate grassroots poverty through skill empowerment, fostering income-generating activities for marginalized individuals and facilitating their integration into mainstream society.

With an annual capacity to empower over 1500 individuals through complimentary skill workshops, the NGO’s transformative impact thrives widely. Testimonials from beneficiaries who have launched businesses based on acquired knowledge from these training modules and advanced internship programs serve as motivating narratives, fueling a commitment to even more profound impact in the forthcoming years.

Feedback and post-program evaluations underscore a notable percentage of beneficiaries who have triumphantly established enterprises and achieved financial stability. Some of these individuals have transitioned into facilitators, conducting skill empowerment workshops both within the academy and across communities.


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